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What is email marketing and What are its benefits?

what is email marketing and its benefit- Ideal DigiTech Solutions
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If you are on this page reading this, I can safely assume that you want to know more about email marketing, how it can benefit you and your business and everything there is to know about it. Whatever your reasons are, I am glad that you are constantly seeking ways to improve your sales, marketing, and knowledge. Without further delay, let’s get on the topic:

First, I will give you a simple definition of email marketing, followed by reasons why you need to include it to your marketing strategy.

Email marketing is the use of email to promote your business. In email marketing, you send email messages to prospects and clients to inform, educate, promote or update them of things happening in your business. It creates a binding relationship between you/your brand and your audience compared to other forms of digital marketing. If done right, it places your brand/business on the mind of your customers, so that when they need your type of product or service your business is the first to come to their mind.

In case you are wondering how you can have access to your audience’s email address, there are email marketing tools that can help you achieve that. Tools like MailChimp and constant contact are one of the free tools you can use to collect and organize email addresses and send automated emails to your audience.

Now that you have an idea of what it is, let’s talk about the benefits of email marketing:

  • It is not expensive and ROI is easy to track: Email marketing does not involve advertisement; therefore, you don’t need to set aside ads money to run ads. And in addition to that, it is very easy to track ROI through email marketing tools. Through these tools, you can get information about open rate, those visiting your website through your email, and many more.
  • ROI is high: Since you don’t spend money to advertise your return on investment will be higher compared to other forms of marketing. You also don’t have to worry about targeting the right audience because your email list is already targeted. The audience on your email list provided their email address because they are interested in what you offer. So converting them to buying customers will be easy especially with good email content.
  • More conversions: Another benefit is that you can drive more conversions. When you send out emails with quality content and a clear call to action to your audience, you can encourage them to take the next step in the buyer’s journey to take them closer to conversion.
  •  It can increase website traffic: Your email content can include links to pages on your website which you can encourage readers to click on. This will increase your website traffic.
  • It allows you to create personal touch: You can use segmentation to ensure that your audience gets the right content that they can relate to. In addition to segmentation, you can also address each person by their names. Doing this will make your audience feel like you are speaking to them directly, thereby increasing your click-through rate.

So far so good, we have been able to cover what email marketing is about, and its benefits. Therefore, if you have not added email marketing to your marketing strategies, the time to do so is now because you are losing prospects and clients/customers.  Whether you run an enterprise or small business, email marketing is a very effective form of marketing that you should try out.

If you need help with starting out your email marketing strategy, you can contact our email marketing agency, and we would surely help you.

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