About Us

About Ideal DigiTech Solutions

Who We Are

Ideal DigiTech Solutions is a Lagos based Digital marketing agency that focuses on improving sales and limiting wastage of resources (time and money) in businesses. With our highly skilled team, we help our clients achieve their business and marketing goals. We offer our services across Lagos, Ogun, Rivers, Portharcourt and all other states in Nigeria.

Our Mission Statement

To help all Business owners and Entrepreneurs in Nigeria succeed in their business and personal life through increased sales and work-life balance.

Our Vision Statement

To be the first choice of all businesses in Nigeria whenever they think of Marketing.

Our Values

  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Quality

What You Will Get When You Work With Us

Increased Website Traffic

We design websites that contain valuable contents targeted at your audience. Our websites are properly optimized for search engines and social media integration to enable your business to be found online by your ideal customers.

Better Social Media Presence

Our Social media marketing strategies are unique to each client, and are designed to give your brand the awareness it needs.

A sales funnel that truly works

We know that it’s not everyone that comes in contact with your business that will eventually be your customer. Due to this reason, our sales funnel is created to guide your customers through their journey till they finally purchase from you.

A Stress Free Life

You live a stress free life when you no longer have to overwork yourself because you have an assistant. Our virtual assistants are ever ready to take on those extra tasks that are stressing you out.

Better Work-life Balance

When you have our virtual assistants helping you in your daily life or business, you will have time to engage in other activities.

Improved Cost Management

When we work with you, you will no longer spend on marketing strategies that are not feasible because we will draw up a strategy that will work and give you a high ROI.

Work with us today, and watch your business grow.